Hall Boys Holdings is a well established holding company that strives to drive growth and intrinsic value into our businesses for all stakeholders with our oldest portfolio company dating back to 1988.

Our Objective


To drive growth and intrinsic value in our business for all stakeholders by employing a professional leadership team to collaboratively instill in them an overall business strategy, systematic process improvements, technological leadership, ethical discipline, and superior employee development



To build a platform that will provide and instill supreme value for all partners involved.


We are family oriented that values investors, customers, vendors, and employees as part of our team.

We believe in ethical discipline to constantly make systematic process improvements .

We are transparent, thorough, innovative, and hard working.

We believe in superior employee development to always put our best foot forward.

We are one team striving to build the best lineup to endure all business cycles as well as provide the highest return in value and employee improvement.