Tim Hall

Working alongside his 5 brothers for over 20 years, Tim Hall started working for his father’s business in 1991 which later evolved into Tim starting a business of his own in 2017. Tim Hall is the Founder and President of QEM, Quality Equipment Management.

In 2005, Tim Hall became the Vice President of Procurement and Estimating for the Beam Team. While in this role, he was a crucial part in growing the relationships of staff and customers that Beam Team needed to develop and enhance their business in six different industries, including retail, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses, and commercial real estate.

Before transiting from his role as the Vice President of Procurement and Estimating to creating and running Quality Equipment Management, Tim considered the impact it might have on The Beam Team. In the end, Tim realized the strengths that it would bring to both companies, so he decided to follow his passion in providing a quality equipment management service company with a focus on excellent customer service to best serve top retail brands.

QEM has made some major strides within their first year. While QEM is climbing mountains, so is Tim Hall in his free time with his lovely wife, Erin Hall, and their 3 kids Ryan, Mary, and Cash Hall. Tim Hall always looks to improve and welcomes anyone who wants to join him on his journey to the TOP!